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Spark of Life Review 4
Now unto the final issue of this story arc. This is where arc all comes to an end. Now there are a lot of people who dislike the ending. Why you may ask? Let's get this over with shall we?
We start where part three left off, Sally fighting off Phage to save Nicole. Sally tells Nicole to head back into her handheld so they could shut the system down but Nicole instead helps Sally by summoning a digital pitchfork which pierces Phages core. Which just pisses her off. Nicole then grabs Sally and fly off away from phage.
As for Tails and Big, they arrive at the lake of rings, now swarming with badniks. So, what does Big do to get the chaos emerald out of the lake? He fishes the emerald out. They now got the emerald however, their ride gets trashed by dark gaia monsters leaving them surrounded by both dark gaia monsters  and badniks. Oh boy.
As for Sally and Nicole, they hide from phage thinking of their next plan. Nicole told Sally she didn't go to her handheld  because Phage had
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Spark of Life Review 3
Now on to the next part, it's this half where a few reviewers really laid into this issue. What are their problems with it in particular? Are they wrong about it? Does this last half deserve this hate? Let's...
God from Monty Python: GET ON WITH IT!
Yes. We start the issue with Sally asking Ellidy who this girl whom looks similar to Nicole that is enshrined in front of his lab. He tells her to drop the conversation but Sally persisted. He tells her that the girl enshrined was his daughter, Nikki. She was dying of a terminal illness which he had little options to save her because in a flashback in this very issue. Uncle Chuck was checking up on his project and Chuck had also told him his roboticizer was still not ready yet, which might have been helpful. Now what was Ellidy's project? Scanning and Mapping Nikki's brainwaves and consciousness and put them into an A.I. That A.I. was Nicole. However, the mapping was unsuccessful and Nicole was a failed project. Since then, Ellidy saw Nicol
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Spark of Life Review 2
So next part of the review, here is where we are going to get a great deal of backstory. As well as where the main story picks up. Now let's find out what we have. Shall we?
We find that Ellidy was doing some research, and what exactly was he researching into? Why a red star ring. Now for those of you unfamiliar with current sonic games the red star rings are found across stages that unlock special features like artwork, a multiplayer (in Colors), and unlocking Super Sonic (Colors and Lost world). Also, in the mobile games like Dash and Runners, the red star rings are used to unlock playable characters, items and extra lives. But back to the main story.
Ellidy states he discovered the ring when the local lake of rings suddenly dried up of rings but suddenly producing this one red star ring. He theorizes the creation of these rings are due to Gaia energy and that these rings have a greater energy output then their regular counter parts. Sally makes the comment that it could power Nicole
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Spark of Life Review 1
(Looks across a scorched landscape.) This burnt landscape was a direct result of fans whom raged over what they read over the work of an arc written by Aleah Baker. Real choice actions over a new writer of her own arc. Aleah Baker is an artist and writer for the sonic the hedgehog comics. She is also the wife of current writer, Ian Flynn. She was tasked with writing the arc known as Spark of Life.  Just to say, she has a familiarity with the series not only because of her being the writer's wife, but she had also wrote back up issues for the series not long ago when this arc came out. Does she do this arc justice? Let's find out.
Before we begin lets tackle on the background information on the two characters that are the main focus of this arc. This is mainly Sally Acorn, leader of the freedom fighters, and Nicole the A.I. holo-lynx, whom is the main focus of this arc and is in fact delves in her origin. Nicole has had two different backstories from different mediums. In the
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For canas by akessel92 For canas :iconakessel92:akessel92 2 5
Miles "Tails" Prower and his wife, Cream, were getting ready for the day. Tails was getting dressed for a day at the lab. However, he heard terrible sounds in the bathroom where cream was. He came and knock on the door to check on her.
"Cream?!" he called. "Are you alright?"
"I don't... blargh!" she couldn't finish as she vomited horribly again.
"Honey, you should stay home. I'll call Amy to keep an eye on you while I'm gone ok?" he asked his wife through the door.
"Ok, come home soon." she said.
"I love you." Tails said to her getting his last stuff he needed before departing.
"I love you, too." Cream replied getting her bearings back.
At the lab, Tails and an old friend of his, Rotor the walrus, a tinkerer like tails only he thought a lot of outside the box gadgets. He was applying the last minute touches on the new engine the two were working on.
"The red rings are in place." said the walrus.
"Alright, for this test lets run the generator at twenty percent." Tails said. He and rotor
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For Melley
" The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." -Psalm 34:18
It was an unusually warm January day. The snow had all but melted and the grass was still green. Xander and Bethany had company over that day. It was Melley, a female fox, her wolf husband Adam, and their kits Evelynn and the twins Ian and Joseph. The kits laughed, hollered and played with their father and their border collie family friend. They played games like catch and tag and were having a blast. Amidst the excitement they were having outside, inside Xander and Bethany's home was a clamorous hustle in the kitchen. Xander's wolf-dog wife Bethany and Melley were making supper that night. The two of them especially Bethany were wonderful cooks. However, Melley seemed preoccupied as they cooked.  This made Bethany worried about her friend. "Melley can hand me the rosemary in the cupboard, please?" asked Bethany. " Oh! uh… sure" Melley replied. Melley shakily handed her the sm
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Motherly glow by akessel92 Motherly glow :iconakessel92:akessel92 13 11 Movie Night with Xander and Bethany by akessel92 Movie Night with Xander and Bethany :iconakessel92:akessel92 5 5 Prepare yourself sally by akessel92 Prepare yourself sally :iconakessel92:akessel92 19 3
Mature content
Prologue :iconakessel92:akessel92 2 9
Only Eggman by akessel92 Only Eggman :iconakessel92:akessel92 41 13 Friends not foes by akessel92 Friends not foes :iconakessel92:akessel92 107 43 Omg by akessel92 Omg :iconakessel92:akessel92 42 25 Princess sally demotivational by akessel92 Princess sally demotivational :iconakessel92:akessel92 60 7
Nightmares of the past
Here's a little offpanel/fanfic or whatever I wrote up.
A mobian chipmunk was running alone in the dark from an unknown pursuer. The chipmunk was Princess Sally Acorn, leader of the freedom fighters and childhood friend to Sonic the hedgehog. Usually, she could handle almost any badnik, or any of Eggman's goons on her own especially with her energy blades. However, she was without them and with no idea what she was facing and not having any back up she only had one option. To run for her life.
Sally ran as fast as her legs could carry her. But it wasn't enough, for a metallic claw from her pursuer grabbed her by her vest. Sally peered through the dark to identify her pursuer (now her captor) and saw two luminous blue eyes, lid less, soulless regarding her steadfastly. "What do you want from me?!" Sally demanded.  Sally wasn't prepared of what happened next. Her captor produced a familiar blue energy blade from its left mechanical arm. And from its glow she saw the face of her capt
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26th anniversary! by Drawloverlala 26th anniversary! :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 787 71 Early Concept Sticks by Skaleigha Early Concept Sticks :iconskaleigha:Skaleigha 73 2 Bee and Puppycat by Kell0x Bee and Puppycat :iconkell0x:Kell0x 55 10 Summer Sally by AdamBryceThomas Summer Sally :iconadambrycethomas:AdamBryceThomas 206 15 It'll be okay Sonic by Xx-JungleBeatz-xX It'll be okay Sonic :iconxx-junglebeatz-xx:Xx-JungleBeatz-xX 389 101 Sonic Sample by MaryBellamy Sonic Sample :iconmarybellamy:MaryBellamy 20 10 Returning to Daddy's Arms by SailorMoonAndSonicX Returning to Daddy's Arms :iconsailormoonandsonicx:SailorMoonAndSonicX 136 25 King Max by Cauletous-Recadency King Max :iconcauletous-recadency:Cauletous-Recadency 27 8 Clove the Pronghorn by Skaleigha Clove the Pronghorn :iconskaleigha:Skaleigha 134 5 Request 2 . Freedom fighters by NicoleLynx45 Request 2 . Freedom fighters :iconnicolelynx45:NicoleLynx45 67 9 Cassia the Pronghorn by Skaleigha Cassia the Pronghorn :iconskaleigha:Skaleigha 84 4 WATCH OUT! by vaporotem WATCH OUT! :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 1,345 187 Baking Bad by mayahen Baking Bad :iconmayahen:mayahen 14 0
700+ Watchers Raffle!! [CLOSED]
Thanks so much to everyone who joined!
I am in the process of going through the results. I promise to have the winners posted soon!!

Wow, holey crap!
All I can say is, that I'm really happy that I've made it this far!
Thank you to everyone over the past 9 years (well, technically) for the support, favourites, comments, and watches! I would not be here without you guys.
And without further adieu...
This is my very first contest that I am doing alone, and I'm super excited!
The rules are very simple.
Each person who comments will get a number from me, several if you follow these set rules.
You MUST be a watcher! New watchers are welcome. Please do not watch me just to join the raffle. It makes it unfair for everyone else! ;n;
You can obtain five entries in total. 
I will be watching if you try to use more than one account to do this!
Also, I don't have very many examples of my other art. I will draw things other than Sonic,
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Stretching by mayahen Stretching :iconmayahen:mayahen 9 0 Freedom's colours by Drawloverlala Freedom's colours :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 1,059 140


Here'a a link to Sammie's raffle…
I'm done with tumblr for good.
Here'a a link to Sammie's raffle…


United States
I am just a reviewer, writer, and historian.


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